Living in the Interface: Expanding the Language of Interaction Design

22 March - 26 March, 2021
For The University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

(Thank you to Emily Smith for the invitation.)

Workshop Brief & Intro

A critical and exploratory look at the language that frames the ways we live and move through our screen-based lifestyles! Language matters!

Creative writing meets interaction design.

During this workshop, we will ask ourselves:
  • What new interactions can be designed with being super specific about the language we use?
  • Then, how do we design the language we’ve written into a screen-based interaction?

This workshop is both experimental and applied, introducing methods of design-research and “language mapping” that have proven useful in developing real-world interaction proposals and working with UX/UI teams.

We will create a suite of mini-projects exploring new interactions for our "language-interface" designs.

Keywords & phrases:
- screen-based lifestyles
- interaction design
- speculation & experimentation
- re-learning basic coding concepts 


Day 1 - Idea Forming

Exercise #1 - Interface Annotations

Day 2 - Finding the Words

Exercise #2 - Layer Statements for Living
Exercise #3 - Experimental SCRUM (Intro)

Day 3 - Visualizing the Sentences & Stories

Virtual Background Warm-up
Exercise #3 - Experimental SCRUM (Cont.)

Day 4 - Periods, Punctuations, & Prototyping

Prototyping & Writing

Day 5 - Designing for new Meanings

Presentations & Reflections


For details on the exercises and concepts, see the googleDoc below. ︎︎︎

Omni-Google Doc

Navigating the Unfamiliar in the Interface

by Max Lindner

Gossiping for Enjoyment in the Interface

by Katherine Hoy

Organizing for Clarity in the Interface

by Kip Martin

Squatting for Strengthening in the Interface

by Jungwon Kim

See all here ︎︎︎ ♡ Dictionary Prototypes (◕‿◕)♡