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22 March - 26 March, 2021
For The University of Applied Sciences, Berlin


Gereon Plättner
Sagar Shrestha
Maximilian Lindner
Jungwon Kim
Malika Yunus
Teona Kokhodze
Holly Lowe
Emanuela de Castro Anders
Ka Pik Tsang
Kip Nathaniel Eden Martin
Santiago Rodriguez Leal
Natalie Davis
Miguel Monzon Garcia
Katherine Hoy

Dictionary Prototypes 

Scrolling for Fishmemory in the Interface

by Ka Pik Tsang 

Digging for Respect in the Interface

by Miguel Monzon García 

Harmonizing Your Input in the Interface

by Teona Kokhodze

Judging for “das Ungemütlichkeit” in the Interface

by Gereon Plättner

Navigating the Unfamiliar in the Interface

by Max Lindner

Dwelling “en el sabor” in the Interface

by Natalie Davis

Gossiping for Enjoyment in the Interface

by Katherine Hoy

Trending for Bombardment in the Interface

by Sagar Shrestha

Organizing for Clarity in the Interface

by Kip Martin

Squatting for Strengthening in the Interface

by Jungwon Kim

Troubleshooting for Love in the Interface

by Emanuela de Castro Anders

Roaming for Distraction in the Interface

by Malika Yunus

Tripping for Anxiety in the Interface

by Santiago Rodriguez Leal

Enquiring for Insight in the Interface

by Holly Lowe

Exercises & Process

All student exercises are documented in the workshop’s Are.na Channel here.

Exercise #1: Interface Annotations

  • Pick 3 websites that you interact with on a daily/weekly basis & pick 3 websites from the Web Design Museum or from the Internet Explorers Are.na Channel
  • Open up a dictionary app. I love IoS Dictionary app and often use the thesaurus feature. However, you are free to use other ones.
  • Open Figma & paste the screenshots into Figma.
  • Read the interface carefully.
  • Annotate the interface.


Exercise #2: Layer Statements for Living

  • Open Figma
  • Go to the Layers Panel & find your Workspace
  • Question to Self: Did you rename your layers?! ?!!!  o.O
  • Take a screenshot of your layers panel section. Save the screenshot as “Figma_LayersPanel_FirstName”
  • Steph will separate you into breakout rooms.
  • With your peers, each of you will co-write a statement for living in the interface. You will fill in the statements using the most-liked/favorited words that were chosen in the voting round from the Layers screenshot.
  • Fill in this statement:
                                           _________ for _______ in the Interface

    Here is the statement with placeholders:

                                        MostFavoritedActionVerb    for  NounOfYourChoice   in the Interface

Have fun with it! (We will share your Statements for Living in the group. As a group, we will then begin to typeset the statements on Figma. This step will lead us to thinking about visualizing our interactions for our Dictionary Prototype.)


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