New Technological Narratives of Tending, Caring, & Maintaining 

A design research study lead by Ben Hooker to generate “hybrid drawings” containing a mix of people, data, and objects that nuance discussions of future techno-maintenance work. 

With support from Intel. 

Research Lead: Ben Hooker
Research Assistant: Stephanie Marie Cedeño
Student Researchers: Alan Amaya, Arianne Borgeson, Yining Gao

[Image Alt-Text:
Below, a screenshot of a Zoom call where Ariana has shared her screen of a GoogleSlides presentation. On the right, our thumbnails show Ben, Tim, Ariana, & I listening to Yining explain the abstract illustration she has made. Yining’s drawing is an illustrative collage of node workers working within a future interface, maintaining the data that is constantly input and output.]

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