Avoiding the Dash-bored... by focusing on the User.

7 July 2021 
Presentation for Data Dashboard Days @ Bosch


My talk debunks the stereotype of the “Dashboard-as-Solution” by examining how UX methods (such as user research and interaction design) make the dashboard a site of data-discovery. I use the AIoT product, IoT Insights from Bosch.IO, as a case study for best practices to develop my ideas.

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The full presentation of this talk is private, but I am happy to give a variation of this talk for teams, schools, and companies.

Getting non-designers to think about their products and surfaces beyond the surface of an interface is important to me. Therefore, during the presentation I asked participants to reframe their Dashboard with the working definition of: Dashboard as the site of discovery.

The working definition was a way for me to get the attendees to redefine their own dashboard solutions and shift their point-of-view to that of their users’.

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Thank you to Steffen Hornemann for the laughs and our linguistic puns.
Thank you to my fellow Bosch colleagues who organied the Data Dashboard Days conference at Bosch.

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