BIG INTERFACE MOOD: Expanding the Language of Interaction Design

4 November & 13 November 2021
for Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften: Institut für Medien-Design

(Thank you to Prof. Klaus Neuberg for the invitation!)

Workshop Brief & Intro

In this workshop, we will take a critical look at what designing an “emotional” and “relatable” experience means by exploring what a BIG MOOD means to us. What does internet slang offer us as a design strategy? How can a BIG MOOD be communicated on the interface through micro-interactions?  

Your brief is to design a micro-interaction that merits a BIG INTERFACE MOOD. 

During this workshop, we will ask ourselves:
  • What new interactions can be designed with being super specific about the BIG MOOD we want to convey?
  • Then, how do we design the BIG MOOD we’ve written into a very small, screen-based interaction?

We will create a suite of mini-projects exploring new interactions, where we can hopefully at the end of each proudly state:



Keywords & Phrases:
- Screen-based lifestyles
- Interaction Design
- Speculation & experimentation
- Meme as material



Design Work ︎︎︎ Coming soon!