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Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften: Institut für Medien-Design

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Big Tech over-engineers “experiences” for us, but are we even in the mood for it? What does internet slang offer us as a design strategy? How can a BIG MOOD be communicated on the interface through micro-interactions? 

#lecture #softwaredesign #UX

Avoid the Dash-bored by focusing on the user! This talk debunks the stereotype of the “Dashboard-as-Solution” by examining how UX methods (such as user research & interaction design) make the dashboard a site of data-discovery. Bosch.IO products were used as a case study.

#workshop #teaching

A critical & exploratory look at the language that frames the ways we live and move through our screen-based lifestyles.


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How do we create a ~ViRtUaL r0oOom~ to hang out in?

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