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#teaching #designresearch #collecting

In this module, we will collaboratively construct a “Visual Reader” through weekly exercises aimed at using collecting as a research organization framework. Research does not have to solely be text-based; our collections will comprise different materials, methods, articles, cultural artifacts, social structures, jokes, intimations, hunches, distillations, etc.!  。゚


#workshop #teaching #co-creation

How do we create a ~ViRtUaL r0oOom~ to hang out in?

Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften: Institut für Medien-Design

#workshop #teaching #softwaredesign #handmadeweb

Big Tech over-engineers “experiences” for us, but are we even in the mood for it? What does internet slang offer us as a design strategy? How can a BIG MOOD be communicated on the interface through micro-interactions? 

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